LBS Stanford Global Tax Conference 2023

13-14 June 2023 at LBS Campus (Sussex Place); Agenda available here.

More details coming soon. The event is by invitation only (due to space constraints). If you are interested in attending, please email the conference organizers.

Speaker profiles for Conference Day 1 (click on the names):
Keynote on the Role of Taxes in Corporate ESG Strategies:
Alenka Turnsek (EMEIA Sustainability Tax Leader, EY)

Panel Discussion on International Corporate Tax Reform and Global Tax Equality:
Dr. Achim Pross (Dep. Director, OECD CTPA),
Timothy Power (Dep. Director, Corporate Tax U.K. HM Treasury),
Pat Brown (Co-Lead National Tax Services, PwC Washington D.C.),
Linda Herms (Business Tax Partner, EY Netherlands)
Prof. Christoph Spengel (University of Mannheim)

Presentation and Discussion of Empirical Tax Research
Rebecca Lester (Stanford GSB, Link to abstract of paper)
Michael Devereux (Oxford CBT)

Dinner Keynote on “Lessons from International Tax Policymaking”:
Raffaele Russo (Chiomenti, previously at OECD and Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance)

Links to academic papers presented on Conference Day 2 (click on the titles):
Two-tier Tax Systems and Firms: Evidence from Brazil
(presenter: Joana Naritomi, LSE)
How Do Banks Compete? Lessons from an Ecuadorian Loan Tax
(presenter: Rebecca De Simone, LBS)
Carbon Leakage to Developing Countries
(presenter: Diego Kaenzig, Northwestern)
How Effective Are Emission Taxes in Reducing Air Pollution?
(presenter: Martin Jacob, WHU)
Taxing Capital in a Globalized World: The Effects of Automatic Information Exchange
(presenter: Niels Johannesen, University of Copenhagen)
The Geography of Capital Allocation in the Euro Area
(presenter: Antonio Copolla, Stanford GSB)
Short-Term Tax Cuts, Long-Term Stimulus
(presenter: Joseba Martinez, LBS)
Endowment Taxes, University Research and Corporate Innovation
(presenter: Aruhn Venkat, UT Austin)
Wealth Taxation and the International Migration Patterns of the Very Wealthy
(presenter: Mathilde Muñoz, UC Berkeley)

Links to poster presentations by PhD students (click on the titles):
Daniel Weishaar (LMU): Homes Incorporated: Offshore Ownership of Real Estate in the U.K.
Kaitlyn Kroeger (UT Austin): Consequences of Public Accounting Offshoring
Oliver Xie (Stanford): Export Denomination with Risk Sharing
Inga Schulz (U Mannheim): Corporate Taxation and Environmental Investment
Sophia Wickel (ZEW/U Mannheim): The Effect of Transfer Pricing Documentation Requirements on Tax Compliance Costs and Administrative Costs
Max Velthoven (EY/U Amsterdam): General anti-abuse rule
Sarah Winter (U Mannheim): OECD Pillar 1 – Implications for Developing Countries

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